DSC_0016BRescue 164 is a Pierce Custom Velocity Chassis with a 19.5 foot long custom heavy duty rescue body also built by Pierce Manufacturing. This Unit can transport up to 6 Rescue Technicians and primary carries a large variety of rescue tools and equipment. They respond to all auto accidents where the extrication of a victim is necessary. Rescue 164 is Hampton Township’s Primary Hazardous Material, Structural, Trench, High Angle, Water and Vehicle Rescue Unit.

The equipment carried includes self-contained breathing apparatus, spare air cylinders, forcible entry tools, a light tower and hand lights, generator, heavy duty air compressor, Genesis hydraulic and battery operated rescue equipment, heavy lifting air bags, salvage covers, and hazardous material containment equipment. Numerous spare air cylinders are carried so that other Pneumatic tools can be utilized in the field or can be re-supplied on the fire ground.

The primary function of the Rescue Crew is to preform specialized rescues and auto extrication of trapped occupants along with responding to hazardous material or unknown substance calls within Hampton Township, and if possible stop, plug, or contain a leak. This unit is sometimes referred to as a “Heavy Rescue.”

For a complete list of all equipment carried on Rescue 164 and Equipment Pictures please click here.