Genesis Rescue EquipmentThe Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department has chosen to replace all the Hydraulic Rescue Tools on Rescue 164 with a Genesis Rescue System. By doing this we have increased our ability to perform rescue operations faster and in a much safer manor. The Department now has one (1) complete set of hydraulic operated Rescue tools and one (1) complete set of battery operated Rescue tools.

The following Rescue Equipment is now in service on Rescue 164
1 – Genesis S53-XL Hydraulic Spreader with O.S.C. Coupler
1 – Genesis C365 Hydraulic Cutter with O.S.C. Coupler
1 – Genesis 31″ Hydraulic Ram with O.S.C. Coupler
1 – Genesis 26″ to 59″ Hydraulic Ram with O.S.C. Coupler
1 – Genesis Deluxe Ram Accessory Kit
1 – Genesis Mach 3 SIMO Power Unit
1 – Genesis Mach 3 Outlaw Power Unit
3 – 100 Foot Hydraulic Hoses (on 3 truck mounted hose reels)
3 – 25 Foot Genesis Portable Hydraulic Hoses with O.S.C. Coupler
1 – Genesis Battery Powered E-Force S45 Spreader
1 – Genesis Battery Powered E-Force C236NXT gen Cutter
1 – Genesis Battery Powered E-Force 21” to 36” Ram

All Tools above are NFPA 1936:2010 and ISO 9001:2008 Compliant

Genesis Rescue Systems feels that there tools are better built and more superior to any other rescue tool on the market today. That is why Genesis is the only Rescue tool manufacturer (both hydraulic and battery operated) to stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty. All Genesis Rescue Tools and parts are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the tools. If Genesis determine that one of the Rescue Tools is defective, they will, repair or replace any of the components as long as the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department owns them.




Also the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department has purchased a RHYNO Windshield Cutter. By September 2017, the United States Code of Federal Regulations will require all motor vehicles to have laminated window glass in all windows. This was implemented to prevent full or partial ejection. This critical change requires an advanced glass management tool that can safely access patients with speed and dexterity. There is no tool on the market that can get the job done as safely and quickly as the RHYNO Windshield Cutter
The RHYNO Windshield Cutter is a unique, battery powered hand tool utilized to safely and rapidly cut laminated glass in motor vehicles. The RHYNO Windshield Cutter was specially designed with three primary goals in mind.
1) Patient Safety:
Protrudes less than one (1) inch into the occupant compartment, significantly reducing the risk of patient injury.
Cuts on the upstroke, directing the majority of glass debris upward and outward, ejecting it outside the vehicle. Airborne glass dust is minimized and a heavy glass debris field absent.
Blades can be run directly against the patient’s skin with remarkable safety. Patients will simply feel a minor vibration as they are cut free.

2) User Safety:
Light weight less than 3 pounds
Safe and easy to use
Remarkable maneuverability with one hand, making it ideal for rollovers, and situations with limited leverage opportunity.
Can be easily controlled to cut tight corners, offering precision cutting with great maneuverability.
3) Speed:
Staying within the Golden Hour means every second counts. Our Rescue Technicians must use all available means to get our patient out. The RHYNO was specifically designed to safely remove motor vehicle glass in less than a minute. With a low working profile coupled with easy of control, the RHYNO provides quick patient access without sacrificing safety.

Rhyno tool