FireVEST: Training Tomorrow’s Heroes

The FireVEST Scholarship Program wants to know if you would like to become a Volunteer Firefighter and also receive a FULL associate’s degree scholarship available at Community College of Allegheny County…HamptonVFD1_lockerarea

Details directly from the CCAC website

In Allegheny County, volunteer firefighters protect over 910,000 people. In addition, volunteer firefighters save the county an estimated $60 million dollars a year. There are 203 volunteer fire companies in Allegheny County and the challenge of keeping these companies fully staffed, well trained and ready to respond at a moment’s notice is one that nearly every fire company in the region addresses on a regular basis.

Because fire companies are essential to ensuring safe and well-protected communities, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, the Allegheny County Fire Academy and CCAC are working together to offer the Allegheny County Fire Volunteer Education, Service & Training Scholarship Program (FireVEST) that provides full scholarships for an associate’s degree or certificate program at CCAC, as well as training at the Allegheny County Fire Academy.

Of the 200 scholarships offered per year, 150 are for new recruits in exchange for a commitment of five years of service to a volunteer fire department in Allegheny County, while 50 scholarships will be awarded to existing volunteers in exchange for a commitment of five additional years of service.  FireVEST scholarship recipients have majored in programs such as Fire Science Administration, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Business Management, Nursing, Radiologic Technology and more.

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