11709613_1005238752833727_8596484524870027486_n (2)Engine 164-1 is a 2006 Custom Built Pierce Dash Class “A” Engine. Sometimes these units are also referred to as “Pumpers”. This unit can transport up to 6 firefighters and primary carries a wide variety of different size hose. Five-inch diameter hose that is used to supply water from a hydrant to the engine or from one engine to another. Two and a half inch hose line is used to attack a large fire in a large commercial structure. One and three-quarter inch hose line is used to attack a fire in most single-family buildings.

Engine 164-1 carries 1500′ of 5″ hose, 450′ of 2.5″ hose, and 900′ of 1.75″ hose. In addition to this hose, these units carry the appropriate appliances, adapters and fittings to supply various hose layouts. This unit also carries self-contained breathing apparatus, spare air bottles, hand tools, an automatic cardiac defibrillator, oxygen resuscitator, a 24’ and 35′ extension ladders, 12’ roof ladder, and a 10′ collapsible ladder, a light tower and hand lights. This Engine is equipped with a 1750-gallon per minute pump with a 500 gallon water tank.

The primary function of the Engine Crew is the rescue of trapped occupants, securing of a water supply, applying water or extinguishing agents to the fire, and assisting in overhaul.

For a complete list of all equipment carried on Engine 164-1 and Equipment Pictures please click here.