The Establishment of Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department


Fire calls are routed through Pittsburgh Pipe and Coupling and a fire siren is installed there. Plant workers are volunteer firefighters.


The Improvement Association of Allison Park is formed. After several public meetings, it is decided to organize a volunteer fire department. Through voluntary subscriptions, Labor Day picnics held in St. Ursula’s playground, and other entertainments, an organized committee raises $2,200 and a Boyer-Obenchain pumper on a Reo chassis is purchased. The pumper is kept in a rented building on the corner of Route 8 and Duncan Avenue.


After continuing fund raising, the $5,800 cost of Allison Park’s first fire truck is paid off.


A fire hall is built on a lot on route 8 in Allison Park Village. Members donate both time and material for construction. The cost is $3,500.


A new truck is purchased from the Boyer Company for $8,200 and renovations are made to the building to accommodate the new and bigger truck.


As more fire companies have been developed, the Department, once covering all of Allison Park, is now constricted to handle only Hampton Township, unless requested to assist in another township. At this time, a campaign is started to raise funds for more adequate firefighting equipment in the Hampton Township sector of Allison Park.


The Department purchases an ambulance to provide more services to the Township.


November 5—Legal name change of Department and registration as Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 takes place.

November 16—Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 receives Charter.

November 26—Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 is in compliance with the Non-Profit Corporation Law of Pennsylvania.


Some members of the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 are determined to have a fire station in the northern part of Hampton Township. A used fire truck was purchased and a garage is rented on North Pioneer Road to create North Hampton Volunteer Fire Department.


A new station is built for Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 at 2536 Duncan Avenue in Allison Park.


Junior firefighters from the ages of 16-18 are now accepted into the Fire Department.


From the time of its establishment until present day, the Hampton Volunteer Fire Department has become an essential part of the community. The group of people comprising the Fire Department, although constantly changing, have each contributed something very important and special to their community. An immense amount of their time is spent training to be firefighters and using their skills for the benefit of others. As the years go by, many things change, but one thing has always remained the same—the dedication of the volunteers at the Hampton Fire Department and their commitment to their community.


One of its toughest and proudest days in the history of the Department was in mid-September. After dodging a bullet just one week earlier when the remnants of hurricane Frances passed through the area testing the departments pumping and water rescue skills to their limits, a second stronger hurricane named Ivan crashed right into the heart of Allison Park. The heavy rains from Ivan caused extensive flooding from Pine Creek, destroying homes, businesses, and even the fire station itself. Even when their own homes were being destroyed by the high waters every member of the department responded to the alarm for help putting the community first ahead of their own needs. After combining with the North Hampton Volunteer Fire Department, both Departments answered over 300 calls for help in and around the area for the next 20 hours. The very next morning as the sun rose, with little to no sleep, every member of the Department gathered at what was left of their station and began the operation of salvage, cleanup, and rebuilding. At no point did the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 ever go out of service to take care of their own needs. For that reason every member of the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department was awarded the 2004 Samuel J. Grubbs Memorial Award which symbolizes who put forth the most effort over the past year.


The Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 fulfilled all requirements and entered the Pennsylvania Professional Certification Program. The purpose of the program is to identify and recognize emergency service personnel whose accomplishments in training and education meets or exceeds nationally recognized standards.


A new specialized fire engine was custom built and purchased from Darley Fire Apparatus of Chippewa Falls, WI. Making the Hampton Township Volunteer Department #1 the first department in the area to start using Compressed Air Foam on all fires to increase their waters efficiency and put fires out faster.


After over 40 years of using only Hurst Rescue Equipment (Jaws of Life) as the front line equipment on Rescue 164. The Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 switched all its rescue tool over to Genesis Rescue Equipment.


100% All Volunteer From the Beginning