Engine 164-1-at-the-pointThe Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 currently runs two Class A Engines (Engine 164-1 and Engine 164-2), one Heavy Rescue (Rescue 164), one Squad (Squad 164) and two Utility units (Utility 164 and Utility 164-2).



Get all the details on the life-saving equipment and vehicles we use at Hampton VFD #1.

Engine 164-1 is a 2006 Pierce Dash Custom Pumper

Engine 164-2 is a 2014 Darley WASP  Custom Pumper

Rescue 164 is a 2010 Pierce Velocity Custom Heavy Rescue

Squad 164 is a 2011 Ford F350 Heavy Duty 4×4

Utility 164 is a 2002 GMC 4×4 Pickup

Utility 164-2 is a 2014 GMC 4×4 Pickup

Retired Equipment

Our most recent acquisition is Engine 164-2, which arrived in October 2014. We stagger our equipment purchases so that we can replace the Engines every twenty years, and the Heavy Rescue every fifteen years. The Squad and the Utility Units are replaced as needed. Our goal is to purchase equipment which can serve our community’s needs and which will have the ability to adapt to new needs over the equipment’s lifetime. Our Engine 164-1 will be the next unit to be replaced sometime before 2026. This means the Hampton Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 is currently one of the best equipped and up to date fire departments in our area.